Getting Employees Off to the Best Start

Getting Employees Off to the Best Start

Recruiting a new employee is an important but time-consuming process. The right employee will bring increased business productivity, diversify skillsets and enable you to grow your business. But whilst there are many benefits of onboarding a new employee, some employers are put off by the work involved not only in the recruitment process but in introducing a new employee to their business.

Murray Recruitment can ensure your new employees get off to the best start. We can liaise with your newly recruited employee to gather all the correct starter information that you’ll need. From ensuring that your new employee has an appropriate first-day start time, to ensuring they know what they should bring on their first day and who they should ask for, we can do all the hard work for you. If your employee will need to wear a uniform then we can gather their size information, and if they will require a company car we can arrange day one pick up. These small but vital details will help to make your new employees’ first day go as smoothly as possible, whilst you spend your time in more valuable and productive ways. So how can you get your new employees off to the best start? Here’s everything you need to know:

Share Vital Information

The best introduction you can give your new employees is a comprehensive introduction. Employers should provide employees with induction into their new roles and regular training on what is expected of them. To complete their role to the best of their ability your new employees should have a complete understanding of their responsibilities, and the culture of the company they are working in. Sharing all of this information is vital to employee satisfaction.

Check in Regularly

Regular one-to-ones with your new employee will give them the opportunity to ask questions as they arise. It’s important to ensure that your new employee is settling in and enjoying their new position within the business. If they aren’t, then any problems are much easier to solve as they arise rather than later down the line. Why not provide your employee with a mentor who can both check in with them and inspire them?

Provide the Right Equipment and Training

It’s important to ensure that your HR team provides your new hire with the equipment and training they need to carry out their role. This will vary depending on the job role, but some examples include IT equipment, tools, PPE, uniforms, vans and cars as necessary. Providing the right equipment and training is one of the best ways to get new employees off to the best start and boost new employee satisfaction.


It’s vital that your new employees feel fully supported and valued from their very first day at your organisation. Murray Recruitment has a structured and established aftercare policy which ensures we speak to new employees and employers after the first day, first week and every week after for a month and then every two weeks up to three months. If our clients need any additional help, support or information we can assist and tailor it to suit them. Why not get in touch to learn more about how Murray Recruitment can help you? Call us on 01698 628092!