Murray Mentoring – Week 2

Murray Mentoring – Week 2

We are on Week 2 of the Murray Mentoring sessions with the DWP.

A few weeks ago we announced that the team at Murray Recruitment would be teaming up with the DWP and Job Centre to offer support to school leavers looking to begin their journey into the working world.

Week 1 –  Introduction time

Our first week was more or less an icebreaker session to show the participants the work we do here. It also gave the participants a chance to talk about their individual plans. What were they looking to gain from us? What was their overall goal? What are the hurdles in their way?

Week 2 – Perfecting your CV

Your CV is your first introduction to a potential employer, you want to make it stand out!

Many people think by standing out they should add photos and jazz up the font – the truth is, you do it with the content.

Our mentees gathered to work through a “bad CV” we created to see how many points they would highlight. The group were amazing and picked out every single error from inconsistent dates, grammar errors and poor content. A fantastic start. We then set out a plan of action for each individuals CV, helping build confidence and answering any questions they may have.

Next week we will get to see the finished results from their CV homework and move on to the thing that makes everyone a little nervous – the interview!

Need help?

If you would benefit from any workshops at Murray Recruitment either to work on CVs, build your confidence or run through mock interviews why not get in touch? 

Failing that we have plenty of informative blogs to help you along the way – Murray Blog Page. 

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