Meet the Team – Emma Briggs

Meet the Team – Emma Briggs

What brought you to recruitment?

Lauren (MD) placed me in a job 6 years beforehand and because of the level of aftercare Murray Recruitment give (see what I did there) we stayed in touch. 6 years on I was looking to really focus on Marketing so asked if she could help me find a job. Naturally, the thought of not having me there to brighten up her day was too terrifying a thought so, Lauren suggested Marketing for Murray Rec. I was delighted to get through both my interviews and have been with the Murray team for 17 months now and loving it!

What do you specialise in?

Marketing. I live and breath Marketing which sounds pathetic but I just love it. I love reading about it I love the challenges of it I love putting my own creative ideas into practice and then the big one – getting the results from what I create!

What is your biggest flaw?

…I am flighty! My mind is forever ticking away so while I am working on something my brain has switched to something new! I am trying to rein that in!

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

Not just saying this because I’m here, but landing this job! The Murray team didn’t have anyone on marketing so from the word go I had to show that I was worth having and I was bringing value to what the team are achieving. So far so good!

After a stressful day, you find yourself with an hour of spare time on your own – what do you choose to do?

Probably watching The Sopranos or Mad Men for the 80 millionth time, or go to the gym. Oh, I can go to the gym and watch Mad Men on one of the machines! Or reading…see…flighty!

Who is your idol?

Before you roll your eyes – hear me out! The Kardashians – all of them (except Rob, sorry). The Kardashians are my happy place – if something is making me sad or stressed, I watch them! They have all had a significant impact on my life.

Kimye taught me to not settle for just anyone when it comes to relationships. Khloe got me into working out all the time, Kim makes me want to work hard and fit as much into my day as I can, and Kourtney…well she makes me eat a salad instead of a Big Mac!

What advice would you give your younger self?

Fake it till you make it! I am a big believer now that you can trick your brain into how you are feeling. If you pretend you are confident or happy or whatever you want to be, then you will start to become that person. No one knows what they are doing, they are all just winging it so don’t think about them. Focus on who you want to be.

Random Question from the Hat of Chat – If you could write your future any way you want it to be what would it feature?

Money…like Scrooge McDuck …just loads and loads of money!

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