5 Top tips on working from home

5 Top tips on working from home

There have been many mornings when the alarm has gone off that I have wished I was working from home. Let’s face it, the morning commute across the hall. Unlimited coffee. My own soundtrack to listen to. Perfect.

The reality however as many will be discovered during our current Coronavirus pandemic is it can be pretty tough. Isolation sets in, suddenly you’d give anything to find out what your colleague is having for lunch!

It can also be difficult to stay motivated. So here are 5 tips on how to make the best of your time working from home.

1. Get dressed – you are what you wear.

Believe it or not, how you dress impacts your mood. Have you ever noticed you have a bit more of a spring in your step when you get dressed up?  Treat your morning how you would if you were physically going into the office. Get up, have a shower to wake yourself up and put on clothes that aren’t your Pjs. You don’t have to sit at your kitchen in a 3 piece suit (although by all means do if you like), but the simple act of getting dressed gives you a sense of purpose.

plan checklist2. Make a plan

Being in the home environment can be distracting. Whether you have children or pets running around or suddenly see a smudge on the window that must be cleaned. These distractions are inevitable, which is why making a plan is imperative to creating structure.

With your plan it is important to be realistic, so don’t set too many tasks. Have a time limit, for example, I will spend my morning doing sales calls. In the afternoon I will park the sales and work on something else.

3. Have regular breaks

Now that you are dressed for the part and have an activity plan in place you are ready to crack on with the work. however…remember – when you are in the office, you chat with your colleagues, you go to the water cooler, you take time away from your desk.

Often when working from home guilt takes over. You feel you have to prove you are working  As you are working make sure you schedule regular breaks. Take 10 mins out to speak to your friend, or have a coffee. By a break I mean 10mins – this isn’t an excuse to put Netflix on.

4. Take your lunch

When it is time for your lunch break, have food away from your work station. This time should be away from your computer and away from work. If by some miracle, it isn’t raining outside – going for a quick walk or just getting some fresh air can make the world of difference to your mental health as well as making you feel reenergized for your afternoon.

video call5. The best kind of company

It was mentioned earlier that isolation can be a big factor when working from home. One thing that helps me personally is to have the radio on. Why the radio and not my own playlist? Having someone talk in the background or read out tweets and messages from other people can help create a community feel. It helps keep you connected to the outside world, to experiences others are facing.

If you prefer to work in silence, there are lots of ways you can communicate with your colleagues or friends, free apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Whatsapp can give you the opportunity to facetime, catch up and message others to keep you from feeling alone.


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