How to make your CV stand out

How to make your CV stand out


When you think of making your CV stand out, what steps do you think of?

Fancy font?

Colourful captions?

A photo?

These things may make your CV literally stand out but not necessarily for the right reasons.

It’s all about the content.

Your CV is your foot in the door. So you want to make sure the shoe you are wearing makes an impact.

Keywords to keep in your head – ‘why’ and ‘need’

The content in your CV needs to give a snapshot of WHY you are the one to choose. So many people focus on the who. This is who I am, this is who I have worked for. The employer doesn’t want your autobiography they want to know why they need you. This is what you want to display on your CV. This is what is going to make you stand out.

So how do you achieve this?

To be honest it’s about adjusting your mindset. You don’t want to list your duties but instead, demonstrate characteristics and/or skill. For example; in my job description I handle the social media accounts and create engaging content. To display this on my CV I want to remember my ‘WHY’ and ‘NEED‘.

  • Managing social media accounts creating content which increased social following by 70% in 8 months.

The purple section is the part that makes this one bullet point stand out from the other applicants who all handle social media accounts. I have given a why and a need to employ me.

Get to the point

When it comes to displaying what your previous experience entailed, bullet points are your best friend. By formatting your points of interest as a list format, the reader’s brain can process the information so much more easily. It comes down to psychology, even when writing this blog by keeping sentences short and punchy makes it far more appealing to read than having long paragraphs.  Long paragraphs tell us, “this is a big thought that your brain is going to have to stretch for.”

Keep them wanting more

You want to highlight the key points. It can be tempting to delve into more information and get your point across, but you want the reader to want to know more. This opportunity will come in the interview, so keep it punchy and to the point.  You can find out some top tips on what not to do at your interview by clicking here! 

For more information and tips on the skills, you should demonstrate in your CV check out our ‘5 Skills’ blog

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