Meet the Team – Lauren Murray, Managing Director

Meet the Team – Lauren Murray, Managing Director

What brought you to recruitment?

I was working at the reception of an agency and loved the hustle and bustle of the place and everything that came with recruitment. I started working for a recruitment company but essentially was working really hard for someone else vision and I had my own. Company Culture has a lot to do with it, I almost gave up on recruitment at one point. I realised (luckily for the rest of us) that it was the company dynamic I didn’t like. So…I created my own.

It gets difficult and there will always be challenges to face but I love it! I put my heart and soul into what I do every day, to make the company culture I wanted.

What do you specialise in?

I am a people person! I love engaging with people and bringing solutions to their problems. I will always go above and beyond to provide the best service. Even helping with things outwith our areas of business. I like to help!

What is your biggest flaw?


I talk too much which I suppose goes hand in hand with what I do…but I do go off track sometimes!

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

Opening the business! We are reaching our 10 year birthday this year! I genuinely enjoy my work. I think everyone would always say if I could be doing anything id be a billionaire and lying on a beach but when it comes to reality I am definitely doing what I want to do.

After a stressful day, you find yourself with an hour of spare time on your own – what do you choose to do?

Probably exercising! It gives me a buzz…I love it, but it’s low on my list with having the kids.

Who is your idol?

Oh! Eh…

I don’t actually like to focus on external factors. I focus on whats going on with me & I know how I want my life to be.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Face your problems head-on! Too often I let challenges I had, drag on and just procrastinate …but the problems are always still there. So just get it done!

Random Question from the Hat of Chat – If there was a book about your life what would it be called and where would we find it in the bookshop? 

WTF! – an Autobiography by Lauren Murray

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