These 5 skills on your CV help you stand out from the rest.

These 5 skills on your CV help you stand out from the rest.

Imagine for a moment that you are the hiring manager and you have placed an advert for a job. It’s a popular advert and you are inundated with CVs. This is great news, you are sure to find a candidate…it’s just going to take a while and a lot of reading.

Now, imagine you are one of the many CVs on the desk. How are you going to stand out? Before you start altering fonts and borders let us give you a few tips.

To stand out you need to display the key skills that make a stellar candidate.

1. Team player

It’s great to be able to work on your own initiative. It’s a fantastic quality to be able to work independently but it is crucial to show that you are a team player. Essentially a company thrives when everyone, no matter their role, is pulling toward the one goal. By demonstrating that you work well with a team helps employers see that you buy into the company and respond well to positive company culture and that you would fit in with the existing team.

2. Drive and ambition

We are not saying you should be threatening to take the CEOs place but displaying your passion and drive, whether it’s within your career or accomplishing a goal within your role helps show that you are not only capable but actively achieve to meet your targets.

3. Executing a strategy

How do you operate? You have a list of tasks, how do you tackle them? Showcasing on your CV your ability to create a strategy and planning helps demonstrate how you best deal with practical tasks. One point to remember is when highlighting your ability to create a strategy you should also show how doing so impacted results.

Example: “by creating a 3-month content plan I was able to increase social engagement by x% while freeing up time to work on  Project Z.

4. Problem Solving

Planning gets you so far, but life often throws little curve balls at us to keep us on our toes. One fantastic quality in any candidate is to have the ability to think on their feet or to think outside the box. Where possible, try to highlight that you are able to deal with alterations in a plan and successfully execute the task.

5. Building Relationships

I know we have covered being a team player but this is a little different. How are you at dealing with the external clients? How do you deal with customers? Can you demonstrate your ability to have a rapport that creates a long-lasting relationship? Showing your strengths in this area helps demonstrate you are capable of working independently, and that those you deal with trust you as a company representative. Employees act as brand ambassadors. If you are proven to be a trustworthy brand ambassador you stand out as a vital member of any team. It’s a very sought after quality to have. As the saying goes “people buy from people” 

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