The importance of company culture

The importance of company culture

What is attracting your employees? 

Times have changed. No longer is dangling the carrot of the attractive salary enough. If you want your business to thrive then you have to invest in your employees.

Two-thirds of British millennials (those aged between 18 and 34) ranked culture above salary.

So, what does that mean? Beanbag chairs and massages for all? Not quite. The phrase ‘company culture’ is one that may have originally been thrown around by HR managers but is rapidly becoming one of the biggest factors to employees when carrying out their job search and/or staying within a company.

So, what is company culture and why is it so important?

Company culture is the identity, values, beliefs and customs of a company. Essentially, it’s the personality of your organisation.

By creating an environment where all employees ‘buy in’ to what the company is trying to achieve you are on your way to having a loyal happy and productive team. By minimising micromanagement, allowing employees to develop their skill via training and being aware of any internal issues arisen – all contribute massively toward sustaining a highly productive, happy and sustainable team.

Word gets around – the power of social media

News has never travelled faster than it does in the age of Social Media. When employees are happy within their environment, they talk about it. They tell their friends; they swap stories and they post about it – word gets around and people pay attention.

Let’s take Google – Did you know that Google receives over 2 million job applications per year? Why? Google doesn’t sell its potential employee an income. To be honest I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an article about the average wage of a Google employee. They sell a lifestyle. A way of life for the modern employee to achieve so much more than enough to cover the bills. 

What benefits will you see?

Understandably the number of perks etc a company can offer differs depending on size and money available, we can’t all afford to run a company that takes the whole team to a spa for a wellbeing retreat. That isn’t what culture is about. It’s about having a support network that recognises the value of the employees. If you are bringing in experts in a field, then trust they know what they are doing – allow them to have a say – give them a voice.

Have a think about the company you are in. If you are management do you believe your employees buy into your company mission? Do they want to watch the company flourish and flourish with it? If your employees are there for the pay-check and haven’t bought into what your company does, then there is nothing keeping them there if a better offer comes along. Loyalty, productivity and passion all build around the culture of the business.

Loyal, productivity and passion are what drives a company to succeed. So have a think about the personality of the company you are in. Can anything be improved?

In the long run, the reward is priceless!


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