Hiring? Are your expectations matching reality?

Hiring? Are your expectations matching reality?

One of my friends who is at University told me when she got her degree she was planning on working 3 days a week and earn around £40k per year. I was gobsmacked that such a magical job existed and when I finally managed to stop laughing I tried to manage her expectations.

I know, I know…in the current climate, building people up to believe they should reach for the stars seems to be the way forward – but it’s unrealistic.

Many people say it is a “millennial” trait to expect everything now and where I fully support ambition and having goals to aim toward, I find that expectations DO NEED to be managed. Many people aren’t prepared to start at the beginning and work their way up.

The same principle also applies to those hiring.

How many job adverts and specifications do you come across which ask for at least 5 years’ experience for minimum pay?

A large part of our job as a Recruitment Consultancy is to manage expectations for both clients and candidates alike. Being Industry experts, we know what the market rate for a job/industry is and are therefore able to advise what kind of candidate you would be looking to get for the salary offered.

One of the key buy-ins for companies using Murray Recruitment rather than hiring in-house is that we provide expert guidance.

We recently met a client who wanted an Office Manager at £18k, with us we took three candidate CVs all different experience to show a comparison. When presented with our comparisons the client could see that for those with greater experience and a more developed role (office manager) the salary they were originally offering would not be enough to entice this calibre of candidate.

Much like my friend, when looking from the outside your expectations can be too high or even too low. The easy thing to do for both would be to nod and agree but without managing expectations, we are setting someone up for disappointment. This is the true purpose of being an “expert” of an industry, not to have a title to show off on LinkedIn but to offer guidance to those who may need it.


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