6 Interviewing tips for employers from the recruitment experts.

6 Interviewing tips for employers from the recruitment experts.

Interviewing tips for employers

We often turn our attention to the candidate when it comes to interviewing, offering tips to calm those nerves and techniques to help present their best attributes, but what about the interviewer?

It is easier to relate to the candidate role, as more of us have sat in the hot seat than the hiring chair.  We often see the interviewer as the gatekeeper to your future, a strong confident presence standing in your way for you to impress, which shows as The Apprentice has reinforced. This image may be accurate for companies who have hiring managers or HR department, who are pros and the interview game, but what about the smaller companies who don’t have a designated department?

Often, we find that someone is given the responsibility as well as their primary job meaning they are thrown into a time-consuming process with little guidance. That’s where this blog comes in, here are just a handful of tips if you are not an expert interviewer.

research scrabble 1. Do your research.

We actively encourage candidates to do their research on a company to find out those little bits of added information you came across on the company website that show that you are interested, invested and have the drive to learn, well, the same goes the other way. It is imperative that you know your facts about the company, such as the company’s goals, employee benefits, holiday allowance but also have a look on your website and social media to see what the marketing team have been shouting about.

list, preparation2. Prepare in advance.

Have a clear set of questions ready that are relevant to the role, team, company and skills required. Going in with the attitude that you can ‘wing it’ will lead you to possibly missing out on key factors for the decision process. You can divert from the question if the conversation unravels but having a clear objective and list will help you get back on track. Having a setlist of questions will also help with consistency across all interviewees, giving everyone a fair shot at showcasing their skills.


man and woman shaking hand - business3. Appropriate Questions.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! You are not in the cast of Mad Men so please make sure your questions are compliant with employment law <— I’ve even created a link for you to check! Asking the wrong questions can be viewed as discrimination, make the candidate feel uncomfortable and lead to the company being in hot water! Remember most of the world communicate through social media, one post on your inappropriate question and before you know it the company has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.


robot4. Don’t be robotic.

If you want to get the most out of an interview, be conversational. If you stick to a robotic structure of just firing through the questions, the most you will get out of your candidate is the straight answer.

By speaking naturally, you encourage the candidate to open up more, the more comfortable the candidate becomes, the more they will start to reveal about their attitude toward previous employers, work ethic and let their personality shine through. This will give you an idea of how they will fit in with your company and team. These are the golden nuggets that help with decision making that can’t be found on a CV alone.


problem solving and solutions5. Relevant problem-solving.

Want to know how the candidate would deal with an issue within their role? Ask them! Providing a scenario that has or is likely to come up within the company to gain real solutions is the best way to interview for a particular job, with this be mindful that they will be nervous and feeling the pressure already so you don’t have to ask an absolute mind-blowing problem!

Cont button 6. Thank you, next.

Whether a candidate is successful or not you should always contact them to let them know the status of their application. By contacting the candidates, you can offer guidance as well as leaving a good impression of your company. Ignoring a candidate can leave them taking a big hit to their confidence as they may question what they did or didn’t do to be successful.

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