Writing your CV | Common mistakes to avoid

Writing your CV | Common mistakes to avoid

You are looking for a new job, the first thing you are going to need is your CV…simple…only…you haven’t written one in a while but how hard can it be, right? Let’s google some CV examples and formats for inspiration…. 817,000,000 results, each with conflicting ‘tips’…hmm this is going to be a long night!

We are not claiming to be the CV gurus of the world but as a recruitment company, trust us when we say we see our fair share of CVS and there are some common mistakes we see all too often.

No Contact Information

Take the guesswork out of your CV and include your contact information.  Often, candidates like to play hard to get with the information they share. Recruiters and Employers need to be able to contact you…how else will we offer you a job if we have no means of reaching you?



Doers’ rather than achievers.

A common error people make when writing their CV is to write a list of their duties within their role. Remember your CV is your foot in the door, you are selling yourself, so write something that is going to make you stand out for the crowd! An example of this would be, instead of ‘wrote various blogs’ changing the statement to ‘created various content marketing which helped boost social media following by 50%. Show your future employer that not only will you perform your daily tasks you will get results that the business will benefit from.


War and Peace

While about content, let’s discuss CV length! It can be easy to get carried away by writing all your wonderful achievements within your previous roles however no one has time to read War and Peace to find out if you are the right person for the job. The best way to effectively get your point across is to highlight the relevant achievements to the type of role you are applying for. CV length can depend on the industry you work within, some professions require greater detail to the relevant qualifications so there is no standard length to adhere to, just keep the content relevant to the position you are trying to obtain.

Personal Summary

Writing a personal summary is a crucial part of your CV, your education and work experience show your competency to execute a role successfully but what sets you apart from the other candidates? Will you work well with your colleagues? Does your work ethic or personality shine through? Let your potential employer see what kind of person you are by giving them an insight into your life but do keep it within the lines of professionalism and if you can, show how these areas define you as a person indirectly. Keep your Personal Summary brief yet effective by highlighting your ambitions, examples of additional learning and hobbies that highlight your commitment or dedication to learn.

Final Checks

Sometimes you can’t see something for looking at it. After writing your CV take a breather, go away from your computer for 5 minutes and return with fresh eyes, then re-read from start to finish. Do the sentences flow? Are there any grammatical errors? What about spelling mistakes? Imagine putting all the work in to showcasing your fantastic achievements and falling at the last hurdle by sending a CV littered with spelling mistakes…especially if one of your skills is attention to detail! Run your CV through a spellchecker or have someone look over your CV if you aren’t sure.

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