Happiness is for life…not just for Christmas. Is it time for a change?

Happiness is for life…not just for Christmas. Is it time for a change?

It’s common to feel a little deflated after the hype of the festive season, however for many it’s not just the early rises that are the casting a dark cloud over the last day of the holiday, but the sinking realisation that an unhappy working environment isn’t eradicated by 2 weeks of watching Netflix.

For many the holidays act as a safety blanket that we wrap ourselves in with the promise that all you need is some time off and the New Year will bring a fresh vibrance and outlook to life. It isn’t until you are setting the alarm for the day ahead that you feel the dip in the pit of your stomach, and after 2 weeks back at the job the ‘new year, new me’ vibrance fades and you fall back into the grind.

This all sounds very bleak and dramatic, and it isn’t my intention to depress you further. My intention is to highlight that if this scenario feels familiar then this is hopefully the wake-up call needed to push you to change your year rather than repeat a habit.

47% of UK workers are unhappy in their current role, on average you spend 40 hours a week for 45 years at work…make it somewhere you love! I am not saying go follow your dreams to be the actress you thought you would be when you were 11 (although I am not stopping you) but dream jobs and a place you love are not the same thing.

It is significant to understand the importance of a good working environment and how achievable its is to find a job that does make you happy. The first step is to pinpoint what exactly is making you dread work. Make a list of pros and cons to properly identify where the problem areas lie, this may sound silly, but clearly identifying what you enjoy and what you don’t, will help show what you are willing to compromise on and what you want to alter.

Now that you have a better idea of which areas you would like to change, there no harm in having a peek at what is out there. Many people when they are unhappy with an aspect of their life are quick to look at what others must highlight what they don’t, but this gets us nowhere, instead, be active, look at your options! This process gets you motivated and helps show that there are other options available if you are willing to take that step!

So, what now? Well, now you decide whether the negative aspects of your current job are as bad as you initially thought. If the answer is no, then stop worrying and try to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, reminding yourself that it isn’t all bad. If the answer is YES, don’t fall back into old habits, take that leap of faith in yourself and start your new job search, honestly nothing feels better than a calm mind, free from worry. You owe yourself happiness and this will shine through in your work and in other aspects of your life.

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