Recruiting| How one company have mastered retention by paying attention.

Recruiting| How one company have mastered retention by paying attention.

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No need for a sales pitch, the facts just speak for themselves!

You know that phrase you can’t see something for looking at it? Often, I think this is the case with our jobs. We can be so focused on the day to day tasks that we fail to take the time to look at the bigger picture. Being relatively new to Murray Recruitment I wanted to find out everything I could so I started asking questions, ruffling feathers and finding out what drives everyone to do what they do, the responses were so insightful, it made the veterans of the industry take some time out to reflect on what it is they do. I want to share these findings with you, because I think you will agree after reading it that this isn’t just your average recruitment agency – this is a growing entity that is changing the face of the industry as well as saving companies money and time!

I asked the question ‘do you know how many people we have placed in a job that are still with the company’,  we did some digging and realised a massive 92% of those placed are still in the role! THIS IS HUGE! When recruiting so many people are in a rush to get a bum on a seat that they skip over client or candidate requirements, this creates a short term fix that often results in staff soon jumping ship, which leaves the company wasting time looking for a replacement, reading CVS, interviewing, and spending money training someone again which on average can cost a company up to £11,000 per person.

How have Murray Recruitment managed to dramatically decrease staff turnover?

Face to face vetting

EVERY candidate has an interview with Murray Recruitment, meaning we get to do proper vetting of the person to find out their wants, needs and expectations. No one is put through for client interview unless their skills and attitude match that of the clients.

We are INDUSTRY experts

All employees at Murray Recruitment have extensive Commercial, Engineering & Technical knowledge. This means when you are looking for a CNC Machinist with specialised skills, we understand what those skills are. We aren’t fitting someone’s CV around the job specifications…we are finding the candidate that matches the job spec!

We build strong relationships

Skills and experience play a large part, but if you have ever interviewed someone you will know that personality goes a long way! Building long lasting relationships and trust between consultants and clients is imperative to how Murray Recruitment work. Our consultants listen to what you are telling them, what your needs are, what your expectations are and what the tone of your working environment is and take this information to the resourcing team who know the candidates inside out. The team then collaborate to pull together the best overall match asking ‘who will fit in with your team? Who will work well with the tone of your company?

We work differently

As the team operate by pulling their resources together it means we are more proactive to job vacancies as we already have the candidate profiles ready, this means we are able to set a 24hr turnaround target to fill temporary contracts and 48hrs for permanent roles – but have often managed to have a job filled with an excellent candidate in just a 2 hour window from getting the vacancy!

Last and most importantly – aftercare

If you are still with me, you will remember I mentioned previously, asking the team what drove them to do what they do. The resounding response was that they love nothing more than that phone call that makes someone’s day, whether it’s ‘You’ve got the job’ or ‘We’ve got the perfect person for your company’, and I have to admit when I heard this, I thought that was the PC response…but I was wrong, customer care is everything to these people and I can prove it…

Where most recruitment companies are target focused, Murray Recruitment are all about the customer service; phone calls on the day of the interview to see how the candidates are and phone calls on the first day to calm the nerves are just the tip of this iceberg. If the focus was on quantity we would be filling the vacancies and moving on to the next, but the focus is on quality, which is why Murray Recruitment stay in contact with the Client and Candidate after their start date, to see how everyone is settling in and iron out in queries to ensure everyone gets off the right start.

With all this it’s easy to see why Murray Recruitment have managed to grow to the lengths it has, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. 92% are still happy with their role, 92% of clients can focus on their job rather than filling positions and shelling out thousands to re-train their staff. So, my final question is, what do you have to lose by giving them a try? Not as much as £11,000 to pick the wrong person I’m betting!

Happiness is for life…not just for Christmas. Is it time for a change?

Happiness is for life…not just for Christmas. Is it time for a change?

Blog News

It’s common to feel a little deflated after the hype of the festive season, however for many it’s not just the early rises that are the casting a dark cloud over the last day of the holiday, but the sinking realisation that an unhappy working environment isn’t eradicated by 2 weeks of watching Netflix.

For many the holidays act as a safety blanket that we wrap ourselves in with the promise that all you need is some time off and the New Year will bring a fresh vibrance and outlook to life. It isn’t until you are setting the alarm for the day ahead that you feel the dip in the pit of your stomach, and after 2 weeks back at the job the ‘new year, new me’ vibrance fades and you fall back into the grind.

This all sounds very bleak and dramatic, and it isn’t my intention to depress you further. My intention is to highlight that if this scenario feels familiar then this is hopefully the wake-up call needed to push you to change your year rather than repeat a habit.

47% of UK workers are unhappy in their current role, on average you spend 40 hours a week for 45 years at work…make it somewhere you love! I am not saying go follow your dreams to be the actress you thought you would be when you were 11 (although I am not stopping you) but dream jobs and a place you love are not the same thing.

It is significant to understand the importance of a good working environment and how achievable its is to find a job that does make you happy. The first step is to pinpoint what exactly is making you dread work. Make a list of pros and cons to properly identify where the problem areas lie, this may sound silly, but clearly identifying what you enjoy and what you don’t, will help show what you are willing to compromise on and what you want to alter.

Now that you have a better idea of which areas you would like to change, there no harm in having a peek at what is out there. Many people when they are unhappy with an aspect of their life are quick to look at what others must highlight what they don’t, but this gets us nowhere, instead, be active, look at your options! This process gets you motivated and helps show that there are other options available if you are willing to take that step!

So, what now? Well, now you decide whether the negative aspects of your current job are as bad as you initially thought. If the answer is no, then stop worrying and try to keep yourself motivated throughout the year, reminding yourself that it isn’t all bad. If the answer is YES, don’t fall back into old habits, take that leap of faith in yourself and start your new job search, honestly nothing feels better than a calm mind, free from worry. You owe yourself happiness and this will shine through in your work and in other aspects of your life.

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