Temping can be tempting! 5 reasons to choose a temp role.

Temping can be tempting! 5 reasons to choose a temp role.

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We know the word temporary can seem a scary thought, but where than can be negatives, there are many positives that may suit your circumstances better.

I need experience to get a job, but I need a job to get experience

1) If you are relatively new to the working world or looking to go in a new direction, we are guessing the above statement is a common hurdle you are facing. Temporary positions are a great step in the door to a company and/or industry. A quarter of our temporary candidates have gone on to a permanent position, so never write off a temp position as it could open so many more opportunities!

2) On average those at University have between 3 – 4 weeks off over the December/January break. So why not gain some relevant experience while you have some spare time. Let’s face it there are only so many times you can watch Elf and have chocolate for breakfast and taking on a temp role will not only help your waistline it helps build your CV and enhances future ’employability’. Studies also show that being able to relate your theory work to a practical sense help improve understanding of the topic and grades!

3) Not everyone has a five-year plan, some people are rolling stones! From a young age we are asked what we want to be when we grow up, then asked to pick subjects at school to reflect our chosen path in life. We are asking 5 and 15-year old children to plan their life where the reality is most people at 35 aren’t sure what direction they want to take and that’s not a bad thing. On average 6.4% drop out of University after the first year, why? …well mostly because it turned out not to be the right direction for them. The working world is no different. Temp work gives you the opportunity to test the water without committing fully. check out our temp jobs…

4) Whether for your own sanity, you can’t listen to baby shark for 7 days straight, or your babies are off to nursery and you have been out of work for a while, temp work is the perfect platform for mums/dads to get their foot in the door of a company whilst still maintaining the flexibility you need to manage your busy schedule. Many parents after time out can find the commitment of a permanent position overwhelming so why not ease into it and work around what suits you?

5) You do have rights as a temp worker! Although you are not directly employed by the people you work for, you still have rights as an employee. We (Murray Recruitment) have over 15 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, so trust us when we say not all recruitment companies are the same. Through temp work via Murray Recruitment you can still accrue holidays and your temporary contracts are handled in house meaning there is no ambiguity with payments, you are treated like a member of our team, receive payslips from us giving you one point of contact and unlike many other companies there are no admin fees. Why not check us out and see if we can help you?

Hiring the next generation: how to bridge the gap.

Hiring the next generation: how to bridge the gap.

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The generation gaps have never been more prominent due to the rapid evolution of technology and social changes.

Terms like ‘Millennial’ and ‘Gen Z’ are becoming a more frequent talking point, creating greater divides in how we communicate, shop and how we work. As the years go by, the differences between the veteran employee and the graduate are going to increase… so how do companies bridge the gap?


We are aware of the impact Social Media and the internet have had on the way we target and reach our customers; advertising is cheaper, and it is easier to monitor campaign success over traditional printed media. But how does it alter practices within your workplace, or the behaviour and relationships of your employees?

  • One challenge the employers are facing is a ‘values’ clash. Many Baby Boomers (1949-1964) due to the sheer number of them, have had to compete fiercely amongst themselves for jobs & promotions and therefore feel that the younger generations have been handed a lot more opportunities. The younger generation however often feel that they are not taken seriously or listened to, Gen Z (2000+) in particular, struggle when placed in a corporate setting.


  • A second challenge comes in the form of skill set. As mentioned previously technology has evolved dramatically over the years, many Baby Boomers and Millennial’s (1981-2000) will recall the classic maths teacher quote ‘you won’t always have a calculator in your hand so you need to learn your times tables!‘ A concept completely foreign to Gen Z who were born with handheld encyclopaedias of knowledge in the form of a smartphone


  • This has left a clear gap between the generations where the Baby Boomers may feel uncomfortable or feeling they are climbing a mountain trying to catch up with the pace of a technology-based world. Many younger Millennial’s and Gen Z on the other hand lack the inability to communicate effectively in a face to face setting often lacking that ‘professionalism’ found in older generations.

How do you bridge the gap?

It’s a simple solution…Communication! The fundamental difference in the generations is how we communicate, to our friends, to our consumers & to our colleagues. Each person within your team has knowledge that they can share.

The best thing for management to do therefor is to host frequent meetings and training bringing generations together. Allow the younger generations to share their knowledge in technology (thus eradicating the feeling of not being listened to) which in turn encourages the older generations to have more comfort with technology and less …..On the other side of the coin, the meetings should be a phone free zone. Encouraging all participants to communicate with each other build relationships with their colleagues and giving the older generation a platform to share their experience and knowledge on how to handle situations within the corporate setting.

We can help your find the perfect career…young or old!

I don’t like Mondays…or Tuesdays… Why it might be time to switch jobs!

I don’t like Mondays…or Tuesdays… Why it might be time to switch jobs!

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Let’s say the average person works 40 hours a week for 45 years minus two weeks of holidays every year, that’s 90,360 hours of your life spent at work and let’s face it, getting out of bed is hard enough without trying to motivate yourself to leave the comfort and warmth for a place you hate.

A study was carried out on job satisfaction which indicate that a staggering 47% of UK workers are considering moving job https://www.investorsinpeople.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/JobExodus2018Final.pdf primarily due to poor management within their workplace, amongst many other factors. So what are the tell-tale signs that it might be time to move on and what can you do about it?

find the perfect role for you

1. You spend more time thinking about getting up.

Very few people spring out of bed with a fiery gusto to start their day, but if you are really struggling to find the motivation to go to work, this could be a sign of depression and anxiety. If you are finding the thought of going to work incredibly difficult, it could be that the environment you are working in isn’t motivating you enough or too stressful in comparison to the benefits you receive.

2. You spend your time at work thinking about leaving.

If the thought of leaving crosses your mind frequently whilst at work it’s a no brainer your heart isn’t in it which, let’s face it, wastes everyone’s time. Take a moment to jot down which areas are the biggest issues. How has your enthusiasm changed since you first started? Are the areas fixable? If not, think about what you want in a career to make you motivated again. If you don’t have a clear goal in mind, chances are a change of scenery will pick you up for a period of time, but the slump will set back in again once the novelty wears off.

3. All you do is complain

If your conversations with friends and family are dominated by negative work chat, then your work dissatisfaction is seeping into your personal time. When you are still anxious or irritated by work events during your social and personal time then the problems have manifested, creating no respite to your state of mind as well as being negative and irritating to those listening to you…It is time to move on!

Next steps…

If any of this sounds familiar, then it may be time to look at your options. This can seem like a daunting process but there are always people out there to help you…

Check out some of the jobs we have on offer and get the ball rolling to a happier you.