5 Top Interview Tips| Prepare and Prosper

5 Top Interview Tips| Prepare and Prosper

“I can’t remember the last time I had an interview…I wouldn’t know where to start”

“I’ve been to countless interviews and seem to be getting nowhere”

Do either of these sound familiar? You are not alone; the job search journey can be a stressful and daunting prospect but it can also be an exciting opportunity to push yourself to achieve your perfect role. By following some of our top tips during your interview, you are sure to prosper and get the results you are looking for.

Find the perfect role for you…

1. Have confidence in your ability

Take a moment and think…can I do this job? Do I have the skill set needed? Chances are the answer is yes! Most people don’t apply to be a brain surgeon having never gone to medical school, and we are assuming you are the same. You have seen a job advertised that you believe you can perform so hold on to that confidence as you head into the interview. You know what you are doing, there is a reason you have been shortlisted!

2. Do your research

You have a portable encyclopaedia in your hand, your phone, so there is no excuse not to scour the internet to research the company you are applying to or check over every inch of the job description. Read over what the company stand for, what they are trying to achieve and what they expect of you. Going in with your eyes wide open gives you an automatic step up to what attributes the interviewer is looking for.

3. Be honest but be smart!

Most people think because they are selling themselves, they must embellish stories. The truth is lies will trip you up and make you lose focus, that being said it’s important to answer appropriately. For example, if asked why you are leaving your current role and the truth is you want more money, express this in a way that enhances YOU. Talk about your skills, attributes and experience in terms of market rate. Employers like value for money – you don’t want to appear greedy.

4. Competency based questions

Competency based questions aren’t there to trip you up, they are designed to identify key skills and attributes which are deemed necessary for a particular role. Remember step 1. confidence in ability? You know what you are doing, you’ve done this before, you have studied this…breathe…think… explain a situation where you have experienced a similar issue, what did you do to make it better? What were the results? Simple! You don’t need bells and whistles just a concise, recent & relevant example.

5. Body Language

Nerves are normal…being nervous means you care about the result which is good! Most interviewers WANT you to succeed, they aren’t there to interrogate or frighten you. If you find your mind goes blank or you don’t understand a question or you get a little tongue tied take a moment to breathe, ask for clarity and get your head back in the game. Fidgeting out of nerves is a different story…its distracting and annoying!

1/3 of message conveyed through words – 2/3 through non-verbal Keep in mind that whilst you are selling your skills the company want to know you buy in to THEM. Sit forward, make eye contact, listen and respond to what the interviewer is saying.

You want this job…show them this!

Find the perfect role for you…


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